It’s time to talk green and we don’t mean grass stains; let’s focus on the green in your pockets. Lawn care businesses are sprouting fresh opportunities by harnessing the power of SMS. This direct and personal channel pierces through the digital noise, reaching customers where they’re glued – their mobile phones.

Imagine instantly reminding clients about missed appointments, promoting seasonal services before competitors, and offering exclusive deals that convert like magic. With SMS, your lawn care business can trim costs, bloom with higher open rates, and cultivate lasting relationships that drive sales skyward. So, ditch the flyers and dust off your text message arsenal – it’s time to watch your business flourish with the power of SMS!

1. Call to action

SMS messaging can actually be a first step for your prospects–not just you–to initiate the sales process. Allowing them to send an SMS message to learn more or schedule an appointment is an easy, immediate, and low-friction call to action for all your marketing–digital or print.

Lawn care needs? We’ve got you covered–spring, summer, fall or winter! Text LAWN to [phone number].

2. Schedule sales calls

Don’t let time pass after a prospect expresses interest. Immediately send them a calendar link to schedule an evaluation of their property maintenance needs with simple text message.

Hey [name]! Let’s get a time nailed down for us to do a property evaluation and give you a quote. Schedule a time now. [link]

3. Confirm a sales call

With the average phone user picking up their phones 96 times a day, you’ve got a great shot at getting their attention, and better of odds of your time not being wasted. Communicate with prospects to confirm upcoming appointments or any details so you can spend your time more efficiently.

Hey [name], our team will be visiting your property on [date] as early ast 7AM. Since this is our first time out, here’s a list of reminders you may want to review. Be in touch if you have questions or need to reschedule.

4. Digital agreements

Don’t waste any time and strike while the iron is hot. Follow a successful sales call by sending a quick quote with a digital agreement for your new customer to sign.

Great meeting with you today and we’re excited to get started. Here’s the digital agreement you can sign digitally. Let’s get this show on the road! 

5. Service recommendations

Customization is the sweet spot of SMS. By segmenting your customes you can then use text messaging to suggest additional lawn maintenance services. Offering a proactive approach to enhance customer satisfaction not only increases your sales goals, but does a number on improving your customer relationships. This is the perfect way to introduce new services and to upsell and cross-sell additional services.

Hey [name]! Did you know we also offer tree trimming services? We’d love to fit you into our schedule before we fill our schedule this spring. 

6. Seasonal offers

In the world of lawn care and landscaping, the needs change with the seasons. Informing customers about your seasonal discounts, promotions, or special offers via SMS can attract their attention and encourage them to take advantage of exclusive deals–especially if SMS subscribers are the first to hear.

The first day of autumn hasn’t arrived yet, but the leaves are falling! Clients that schedule their leaf clean-up before the first day of fall [date] get a 15% discount! Don’t wait!

7. Customer loyalty program

SMS messaging is an excellent tool for building customer rapport. By getting into the palm of loyal customers and providing them with exclusive offers, rewards, and updates you will be fostering customer retention that is sure to support your bottom line.

We’re celebrating 6 months of servicing your lawn! Thanks for trusting [company name]. As a thank you we’re offering you some of our other services at a special rate. [link] 

8. Referral programs

Nobody sells your business better than a raving fan customer. SMS messages makes it simple to gain referrals and even share referral incentives and encourage your customers to recommend your company’s lawn services to friends and family.

Hey [name]! We appreciate all of your great feedback and loyal business. Do you know others who could benefit from [company name]. Refer a friend and [special offer].

    While SMS can be a powerful tool to grow your sales, it’s imperative to always get consent before sending messages, especially with new prospects, as they are more likely to report you as spam if they have not opted in to your messaging. You must also relevant laws and regulations regarding customer privacy and communications. (Check out this article on SMS & MMS compliance.)

    SMS opens a direct line to your lawn care prospects and customers, allowing for efficient communication, personalized offers, and ultimately, increased sales and a thriving business.  If you’re ready to make this the year you implement effective SMS messaging, Integrate IQ is ready to help you get started. Contact us here.

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