6 strategies to increase customer reviews with SMS

Customer reviews present a treasure trove of data for businesses, offering valuable insights into customer desires, pain points, overall experience, but also in bringing in new customers. Using SMS can be a powerful tool for boosting your business’s review volume.

There’s no doubt you have looked at customer reviews and feedback before choosing a new restaurant, product, or a new company for its services. So why wouldn’t you want more positive reviews for the public to be steered toward your business? This is one of the most important tools for conversion sales.

According to a recent survey 91% of millennials look to online reviews the same way they do a personal recommendation. In general, 93% of consumers admit that online reviews influence their decision-making for purchases.

Forget about chasing fleeting “likes” on your social media page. Reviews are the real game-changers, driving new customers and boosting sales. Dive into these six key SMS strategies and unlock a flood of online raves that fuel your business growth.

1. Timing

Timing is always key with SMS, but particularly when it comes to a positive review. Strike while the iron is hot and follow up a positive experience with a request for a review. This may be directly after an appointment, after a purchase, or after resolving an issue.

2. Targeting

Reaching out to a first-time customer for a review is different from reaching out to a repeat customer and this is why segmenting your audience and how you approach this can be benificial for getting the best reviews.

3. Crafting the Message

Address your customer by name and cut to the chase. Ask for a review about their specific experience and don’t be shy to explain that the reviews not only help your business, but they also help other consumers find the best places to spend their money. 

4. Incentivize Participation

A positive review is a gift to you, so it only makes sense to offer a gift in return. Offer small discounts, coupons, or loyalty points for leaving a review. This adds an extra push for those hesitant to take the time.

5. Use Review Platforms

To make it easier, you can use a dedicated review request platform, like Google. These platforms automate sending and tracking review requests, making the process efficient.

6. Monitor and Respond

Respond to reviews publicly. Thank positive reviewers and address negative ones promptly and professionally. This shows you value customer feedback.

Example Ideas:

For purchases: “Hi [Customer name], hope you’re enjoying your new [product name]! We’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave a review & get 10% off your next purchase. [link] “

For services: “Thanks for choosing [Business name]! How was your experience with [Service name]? Share your feedback & help us improve. [link] “

After resolving an issue: “Glad we could fix the issue with [issue]! Could you share your experience? Your feedback helps us do better. [link]”

Remember, just like any high-performance engine, your review-generating machine needs fine-tuning. Track your volume and response rates, analyze the fuel that ignites those rave reviews, and adjust your approach accordingly. Keep tweaking, keep optimizing, and watch the positive feedback become an unstoppable torrent.

Are you interested in getting more online reviews showcasing your extraordinary customer base? Let the Message IQ team help you set up the SMS processes that will make it easy. Contact us and get your SMS review request plan in action.


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