Message IQ = SMS + HubSpot

Amazing stats.  Intelligent features.  All inside HubSpot.

Every Message IQ acount intelligently routes and tracks text messages just like emails for incredible deliverability and engagement.  It even tracks your phone calls!  All inside HubSpot.

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Your Customers Prefer SMS

How many phone calls from unknown numbers are you answering lately? SMS has become so ubiquitous your customers now PREFER it over other forms of communication. Your sales people are texting, calling, and emailing. As marketers, we tend to only use email.

It’s time to adapt.

Compliant Delivery

Cell phone carriers have unwritten rules on deliverability of text messages few understand. Our deep relationships with these carriers allow us to understand how to play the game and ensure your messages are delivered in compliance.

It Just Works

Using the Message IQ platform is as easy as sending a text message. Forget spending hours training your team on how to use a new fancy software – Message IQ integrates seamlessly with your existing phone system 

Diamond HubSpot Partner HubSpot SMS

All the Features You Need. And More.

Message IQ is built by marketers and avid texters. Our GIF game is strong, but we also know how to talk about split testing an email subject line. Combining these two worlds helps give you all the control you’ve ever wanted.

Import Contacts

Import your contacts using a CSV file or any of our CRM integrations. Start texting your customers in seconds.

Deep HubSpot Integration

Track. Everything. Our deep HubSpot integration allows you to seamlessly add SMS to any of your workflows and track events on contact records, lists, and custom reports.


Search Contacts

Easily find who you want to contact. Search your contacts and conversations to see previous conversations or start a new one.

Call Forwarding

Let your customers call your Message IQ number and never miss a call. Forward calls to your office line or mobile phone.

See Missed Calls

Never miss another opportunity. View all missed calls to your Message IQ number and log it to the contact record.

Call Tracking

Easily view which contacts have called you, how long you spoke with them, and log it to the contact record.

GIFs, Image, and Link Support

Have fun and communicate more effectively. Send GIFs, Images, and Links to your customers with ease.


Filter Your Inbox

Quickly toggle to which messages you haven’t yet seen. Highlight which messages are still important and close conversations.


Opt-Out Management

Give your contacts an easy way to opt out of receiving messages from you. It’s sad to see them go, but it’s the right thing to do.



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All Packages Include

Premium HubSpot Integration

Message IQ is built with the deepest HubSpot integration in the Marketplace

IQ Autoscaling

Our autoscaling platform allows you to use only one phone number regardless of SMS volume.

2-Way Messaging System

Have a one-to-one conversation with any contact.

IQ Advanced Delivery

Know for sure if your message reached your contact’s phone.

Advanced Charts & Reporting

Track clicks, replies, and deliverability down to the specific message.

World Class Support

Chat with us a real person will reply to help you in a matter of minutes. 

Text from anywhere

Message IQ is simple to use on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You already know how to use it. Just start texting.

  • Send Messages from your computer or phone

  • Integrate with your existing phone system and CRM

  • Build automation campaigns

  • You’re in full control

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