Ready to ditch dusty flyers and one-size-fits-all blasts? SMS marketing is gearing up for a major rise in 2024, powered by hyper-personalized conversations, two-way engagement, and dynamic content fueled by real-time data.

In this post we will unpack the hottest trends that will be shaping the mobile messaging landscape in the next 12 months. With a 98% open-rate in 2023, you need this tool in your marketing strategy and this article will share why.

Omnichannel integration

SMS will be increasingly woven into broader marketing strategies, creating cohesive customer experiences across channels. Imagine a customer journey so seamless, a person barely notices transitioning between email, social media, the web and SMS. It may begin with a personalized SMS coupon reminding them of an abandoned cart on your website.Then the customer clicks through and browses similar items on their social media feed Later they receive a targeted email recommending complementary accessories. Finally, when they complete the purchase effortlessly on their mobile app, they receive order updates via SMS. This is the power of omnichannel integration, and SMS is poised to play a starring role in 2024.

Data-driven insights

Customer data analysis is the fuel that will propel SMS marketing into a new era of personalization and effectiveness. More brands will be tailoring messages to individual preferences and behaviors. By leveraging the power of data even more in 2024, companies can transform their SMS marketing from a one-size-fits-all approach to a personalized conversation. It will drive engagement, loyalty, and ultimately, business success. 

Rise of 10DLC

The adoption of 10-digit long codes (10DLC) is expected to gain momentum, boosting trust and credibility among consumers. Seeing a familiar 10-digit phone number, often a local area code and exchange, compared to a traditional short code, instantly instills a sense of recognition and comfort. This will help make customers or clients more likely to open and engage with the message, knowing it’s likely from a legitimate, familiar business. 

Personalization and interactivity:

Expect more interactive engagement. This will include two-way conversations, dynamic content based on user data, and interactive elements like polls and quizzes. Users are accustomed to interactive experiences on social media, websites, and even messaging apps. SMS with interactive elements is next on the list. The availability of sophisticated data analytics, as well as AI, will help businesses understand customer behavior and preferences like never before.

The outlook for SMS marketing in 2024 is positive, with continued growth and exciting trends on the horizon. With these predictions in mind, marketers can adapt their strategies, leverage emerging technologies, and deliver impactful campaigns that resonate with their target audiences.

Would you like to discuss any specific aspects of the predicted changes or have questions about how these trends might affect your SMS marketing strategy? The team at Message IQ would love to discuss it and how to leverage it in your business and industry. Contact us and get your SMS marketing plan underway for 2024.



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