As another year winds down, it becomes clear that SMS marketing took a stronger than ever hold on businesses communication. It’s future is solid. The stats are in and the numbers don’t lie. Text messaging is hitting clients and customers where they want and businesses are receiving a strong ROI.

Check out the stats for yourself and learn what will make your SMS marketing plan in 2024 grow with the trend.

Reach and engagement are solid:

SMS continues to dominate email  by boasting a staggering 98% open rate, compared to email’s 20-30%, making your texts practically guaranteed to be seen. It’s no surprise as mobile use dominates our society with over 95% of Americans owning smartphones. Because they check said phones an average of 47 times per day, your message isn’t just being seen, but people are responding too. With an average response rate of 45%, SMS encourages immediate action compared to other channels’ single-digit rates.

Conversions and ROI are strong:

Having messages seen on SMS is one thing, but is it paying out–literally? SMS messages enjoy click-through rates (CTRs) of 19%, significantly higher than 3% for email or 0.5-2% for social media. This translates to the sales impact in a positive way, of course. 52% of consumers have made a purchase directly due to an SMS marketing message, highlighting its persuasive potential. For every dollar spent on SMS marketing, businesses typically generate $71, showcasing its impressive return on investment.

Consumer preference is positive:

Businesses don’t need to worry that they are bothering clients and customers by asking them to receive messages. A whopping 70% of consumers opt-in for SMS communications from brands, and 91% overall are okay with it. In fact, 66% of consumers prefer mobile messaging or consider it their second choice for business communication, revealing a shift towards SMS. So the question isn’t, are they okay with it. They question is, why aren’t you marketing and communicating this way?

What’s to come in 2024:

These stats paint a clear picture: SMS marketing was a powerful tool for grabbing attention, driving engagement, and ultimately converting customers in 2023. Forecasts predict this trend will only continue; however, taking advantage of customer data and artificial intelligence for personalization will be the key to truly capitalizing on what the marketing method has to offer in 2024. By staying informed about trends like interactive content and video messages and implementing them strategically, businesses can leverage SMS marketing effectively in the next year and beyond. You’ll be building stronger customer relationships and driving better results.

With its high open rates, impressive response and click-through rates, coupled with strong ROI and consumer preference, SMS has solidified its place as a valuable marketing channel for businesses in the mobile-first world.  But remember, even with all the technology, a human touch is crucial. Make your SMS messages feel personal and relevant to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

Does it seem overwhelming to make it all happen and do it right? Message IQ helped businesses across numerous industries make the most of SMS marketing in 2023.  Contact us and get your SMS marketing plan underway for 2024.


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