In the ever-evolving landscape of education and technology, schools are proactively adopting innovative strategies to optimize the enrollment process. Traditional methods are making way for a more dynamic, immediate, efficient, and personalized approach to engage with families seeking top tier education. With 96% of individuals finding phone calls disruptive, text messages are now the preferred channel for streamlined communication.

With SMS, schools are not only streamlining the enrollment journey, but they are also staying at the forefront of student and parent minds, making it an exciting and transformative step in the realm of school admissions.

Explore these strategies to seamlessly integrate text messaging into your follow-up process and boost application numbers:

1. Application Reminders:

The number one way to get application numbers up, is to be sure they get submitted. While you hope the deadline is on every parent’s radar, these people are busy. Text reminders about the deadlines as well as other important dates. While you’re at it, remind them of any required documents, ensuring that interested candidates do not miss critical milestones.

Hey [name], Don’t forget [school name] application deadline is only [X] days away! If you have questions or need help, shoot me a message!

2. Application Status Updates:

In addition to the application deadline itself, you can keep prospective students informed about the status of their applications. There may be additional steps to follow they will need to know about and you can keep them up to speed. Send interview schedules and next steps through SMS notifications.

Hey [name], we loved your application & would love set up an interview. Here’s the available schedule so choose a time that works for you. [link]

3. Scholarship and Financial Aid Information:

Getting accepted is the first step for many families, but it is often immediately followed by questions and concerns regarding how to fund tuition. Don’t let families be discouraged. Instead, keep them motivated. Send text messages regarding available scholarships, financial aid options, and instructions for applying for financial assistance.

Exciting news! [School] is offering a grant aimed at nurturing young talent & providing exceptional educational experiences. Learn more & apply: [link]

4. Test and Interview Reminders:

Don’t let any important steps slip through the cracks. SMS messaging is an easy way to send reminders for entrance exams, interviews, and assessment dates. Your applicants will appreciate that your institution is so attentive.

Your interview with [school] is coming up! Please arrive 15 mins early and have these requested docs: [link to list]. Just reply if you have any questions!

5. Acceptance Notifications:

Good news should travel fast! How great to share admission decisions through SMS and give people a reason to get excited in the middle of their day. You can also provide instructions for the next steps in the enrollment process.

Congrats [name], and welcome to [school name]! We can’t wait to have you join us. Check your email for details about the next steps or check here: [link]

6. Orientation Information:

The process doesn’t end with the application and acceptance. Continue the great communication and inform accepted students and parents about orientation dates, programs, and what to expect during their transition to the school.

We can’t wait to host you at [school name] on [date] for orientation. Meet admins & teachers. Learn about activities & programs & more. Text back any questions!

7. Admissions Hotline:

This is simply a bonus that something like SMS can offer in a new way that your students and parents will love. Provide a dedicated admissions SMS hotline for any number for inquiries, ensuring timely responses to questions. 73% of people wish more businesses and institutions texted because it’s more convenient for them. Give the people what they want!

Just checking in to see how things are going since we last talked. Do you have questions about [insert their status]?

Schools can lead the way in revolutionizing the enrollment process, recruitment, and many other important events schools tackle. Need help figuring it out? Message IQ will streamline SMS communication for your admissions process. Contact us today.

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