Why SMS Marketing is Effective for Nonprofits

Second, SMS messages are delivered almost instantly. This means that your audience will see your message as soon as you send it, which is important for time-sensitive communications such as event reminders or donation requests.

Third, with Message IQ and HubSpot, SMS messages can be personalized with the recipient’s name just like email, which makes them feel more like a real conversation. This can help to build relationships with your donors and volunteers and make them more likely to support your cause.

Finally, SMS marketing is a very cost-effective way to reach your audience. The cost of sending an SMS message is very low, and you can target your messages to specific audiences based on their donation history, volunteer activity, location, demographics, interests, or any other segmentation characteristic.

SMS Use Cases for Nonprofits

There are many ways that nonprofits can use SMS marketing to connect with their donors and volunteers. Here are a few ideas:

  • Broadcast calls for volunteers: Send a link allowing volunteers to sign up for volunteer activities.
  • Send event reminders: Send text messages to remind your donors and volunteers about upcoming events. This is a great way to make sure that everyone knows about your events and that they don’t miss out.
  • Send donation requests: Send text messages to ask your donors for donations. This is a great way to get people to donate on the spot.
  • Send thank-you messages: Send text messages to thank your donors and volunteers for their support. This is a great way to show your appreciation and to keep them engaged with your organization.
  • Send surveys: Send text messages to survey your donors and volunteers about their thoughts on your organization or your fundraising campaigns. This is a great way to get feedback and to improve your outreach efforts.
  • Send exclusive content: Send text messages to share exclusive content with your donors and volunteers, such as behind-the-scenes photos or videos, or early access to new products or services. This is a great way to reward your supporters and to keep them engaged.

Message IQ and HubSpot

Integrate IQ, the makers of Message IQ, developed the early versions of this solution out of necessity. We had a large client that needed an effective way to notify their customers of a regulatory change and email wasn’t getting the job done. As we evolved the platform and strategies over the years, we learned that Message IQ and HubSpot are a powerful combination. If you know how to email from HubSpot, you already know how to use Message IQ. Send 1:1 messages or harness the power of HubSpot workflows to automate your donor, volunteer, or constituent messaging.


SMS marketing is a powerful tool that helps nonprofits connect with their donors and volunteers in a more personal and timely way. If you’re looking for a way to reach your audience and achieve your fundraising goals to do the most good, SMS marketing is a great option.

We’re full of ideas and love to help. To learn more about how SMS marketing can help your nonprofit, contact us today.

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