In an age where technology has transformed the way businesses interact with customers and employees, lawn care companies are embracing the power of SMS to revolutionize customer communication. By utilizing SMS, these companies grow their business, streamline operations, enhance service quality, and create unparalleled customer experiences. In this post, we explore the SMS playbook for lawn care companies seeking to elevate their services and build lasting relationships with clients.

SMS in the sales process

  1. Call to action: Prospects sending an SMS to learn more or schedule an appointment is an easy, immediate, and low-friction call to action for all your printed or display advertising.
  2. Schedule sales calls: Once a prospect has expressed interest, send them a live calendar link to schedule an evaluation of their property maintenance needs.
  3. Confirm a sales call: On average, mobile subscribers pick up their phones 96 times a day. Communicate with your customers and prospects where they are with simple appointment confirmation workflows.
  4. Digital agreements: Following a successful sales call, send a quick quote with a digital agreement for your new customer to sign.
  5. Service recommendations: Personalized SMS messages can be utilized to suggest additional lawn maintenance services based on the customer’s specific needs, offering a proactive approach to enhance customer satisfaction. This is a great way to introduce new services and to upsell and cross-sell additional services.
  6. Seasonal offers: Informing customers about seasonal discounts, promotions, or special offers via SMS can attract their attention and encourage them to take advantage of exclusive deals.
  7. Customer loyalty program: Use SMS messages to communicate with loyal customers, providing them with exclusive offers, rewards, or updates on the company’s loyalty program, fostering customer retention.
  8. Referral programs: Boost customer referrals by using SMS messages to share referral incentives, encouraging customers to recommend the lawn maintenance company to friends and family.

Streamline operations

  1. Schedule service calls: Send your customers a live calendar link to schedule upcoming service calls on an one-time or repeating basis. Provide customers with important details such as the date, time, and scope of the lawn maintenance work.
  2. Confirm service calls: SMS is an easy, low friction way to confirm scheduled appointments are still convenient for your customer.
  3. Appointment reminders: Customers appreciate reminders of when your technician will arrive. Send a reminder the day before and an hour ahead of your technician’s arrival ensures they stay informed about upcoming lawn maintenance appointments, reducing the chances of missed visits or scheduling conflicts.
  4. Appointment notifications: Notifying customers the day before their service and again an hour before your technician arrives avoids surprises and helps them feel informed.
  5. Schedule updates: By promptly notifying customers of any changes or delays in their scheduled lawn maintenance services, SMS helps maintain transparency and avoids potential customer dissatisfaction.
  6. Service completion notifications: Send SMS messages to customers once their lawn maintenance service has been completed, ensuring they are aware of the job’s conclusion and can inspect the results.
  7. Billing and invoices: Streamline the payment process by sending SMS notifications that include invoices or payment reminders, enabling customers to settle their bills conveniently.
  8. Customer feedback: SMS surveys or feedback requests allow customers to provide their input on the quality of service received, enabling the lawn maintenance company to continuously improve its offerings.
  9. Weather alerts: Keeping customers informed about inclement weather conditions that may affect scheduled lawn maintenance services helps manage expectations and avoids unnecessary confusion.
  10. Service delays: Promptly informing customers about any unexpected delays in providing lawn maintenance services through SMS helps manage expectations and maintain open communication.
  11. Emergency notifications: During emergencies such as severe weather or urgent lawn care issues, SMS alerts can be sent to customers to ensure their safety and keep them informed about any necessary actions.
  12. Organize your crew: Easily and quickly inform your crew where and when to meet and provide directions to the next appointment with a quick link to the next address.

Strengthen customer relationships

  1. Lawn care Tips: Regularly sending SMS messages with valuable lawn care tips and advice helps former prospects and customers maintain their lawns effectively and establishes the lawn maintenance company as a trusted resource.
  2. Renewal reminders: SMS notifications can be used to remind customers about upcoming renewal dates for annual or recurring lawn maintenance contracts, ensuring continuity of service.
  3. Follow-up communication: Send customers a summary of completed activities after their lawn maintenance service, helps ensure customer satisfaction, address any concerns, and strengthen relationships.
  4. Customer requests: SMS and MMS gives customers a convenient way to provide feedback on the status of their grounds in between service calls. Broken branches, hidden weeds, holes the dog dug can all be communicated quickly and easily with a picture and some text.
  5. Payment confirmation: SMS notifications confirming successful payment processing for lawn maintenance services provide customers with peace of mind and help maintain transparent financial transactions.

While SMS can be a powerful tool for enhancing customer and prospect communication, it’s crucial to get consent before sending messages and to comply with all relevant laws and regulations regarding customer privacy and communications. Check out this article on SMS & MMS compliance. Using SMS effectively can lead to better customer engagement, improved communication, and a smoother operational process in your business.