‘Tis the season… of Fall.
Which basically means it’s the holiday season.
Which basically means 2023 is about to end. 

Did you mean to add text messaging to your marketing mix this year? If you have not jumped on the SMS marketing train yet because you haven’t had time to figure it out or plan how you’ll use it, we’re here to tell you that you are running out of time. SMS communication is one of those plunges you just need to take because once you do, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. 

And believe us when we say that you do not want to miss out on the final quarter of the year. Everyone becomes busier in both their work and personal lives and the best way for your business to be in front of your clients is through the device they always have with them – their phone. A strong majority of the respondents (73%) admitted to using their phone on the toilet or standing at the urinal regardless of age or gender. Younger people (ages 18-29) admitted to using their phones on the toilet 93% of the time regardless of gender.

Businesses of all varieties use SMS campaigns in the fall to promote their products and services and connect with customers in ways tailored to the season. How is your industry taking advantage of SMS for the next three months? Here are some common types of SMS campaigns used by businesses in the fall:

Restaurants and Food Services:

It’s a season full of gathering events and such times always call for food. Restaurants, cafes, and catering services can offer fall-themed menu items, special promotions for holiday dining, or discounts on catering services for Thanksgiving events. Push these announcements out via texts along with simple meal and event tips to stay top of mind as your prospects make their holiday plans. 

Fitness and Wellness Centers:

Not everyone waits until January 1 to get their health in check. As society puts more emphasis on personal health, help your clients and prospects by sending tips for staying active and healthy through this busy time of year. Sprinkle in class opportunities and specials along the way. This might include discounts on membership fees, fall fitness challenges, or seasonal wellness workshops. Not everyone will bite, but it will also plant seeds for the new year’s resolution rush that is sure to arrive in the new year. 

Real Estate Agencies:

Even if the homebuying is slower in your region, a good agent knows relationships are a crucial part of steady business. This is a great time of year to stay connected to past clients and everyone in your circle. Even if those people aren’t moving, guess what? They’ll be seeing a lot of friends and family through the holiday events ahead and there’s a good chance someone they know will be in the market and you’d gladly take a referral. Text messages about events and incentives or special promotions will ensure those in your network think of you during their conversations around real estate. Real estate agencies can create fall-themed promotions to attract homebuyers or sellers. For example, they might offer special incentives to list a property or provide home staging services for the fall market.

Travel and Hospitality:

Fall break trips have become as popular as spring break vacations as well as holiday getaways. Hotels, resorts, and travel agencies can promote fall getaway packages, highlighting destinations with beautiful fall foliage or special autumn events. Use MMS to send quick videos or beautiful photos of some of your popular destinations right to your clients’ phones. Couple that with special rates and deals and you won’t have to wait for your clients to “find time” to plan that trip. You’ll simply be reminding them they are more than ready to make the time.

Home Services:

Businesses offering services like landscaping, home renovation, and HVAC maintenance can run fall promotions to help homeowners prepare their properties for the changing season. But let’s be honest. Sometimes these jobs are not the things busy individuals want to think about when they finally have time in their day. But you can make it easy for them by sending them a text about your discounts on fall yard cleanup or heating system inspections. They won’t have to go hunting for a contact to meet their needs. You come to them.

Financial Services:

Financial institutions can offer special promotions related to financial planning for the fall, such as retirement planning seminars, tax planning services, or special loan rates for home improvements. And while this is a busy season when many people may not be acting on such things, it’s an important season for sewing seeds. Reach out with holiday greetings and tips for not blowing the budget through the holidays. When people decide to make finances part of their new year’s resolution, your name will be top of mind. 

Education and Training Centers:

Many educational institutions and training centers are naturals at planning for fall promotions. You already enroll for courses or workshops that align with seasonal interests, such as cooking classes for Thanksgiving or art classes for Halloween-themed projects. But are you sure everyone is aware? You may have flyers posted and email newsletters, but nothing gets a faster response than text messages. You can send deadline reminders, sign-up incentives, open-house invites and more and be sure they are not missed. 

Healthcare Providers:

During one of the busiest times of the year, everyone appreciates appointment reminders. In addition to texting about already scheduled appointments, healthcare practices can run fall promotions for services like flu vaccinations, wellness checkups, or dental cleanings to help patients stay healthy during the fall and winter months.

Technology and Software Companies:

B2B technology companies can offer special fall discounts or promotions for their software, tools, or services, targeting businesses looking to upgrade or optimize their operations. Most businesses are looking to close out the final quarter on a high and sometimes they need to invest to do so. A great incentive can be perfectly timed to close a client that has been on the fence about your service. 

Event and Entertainment Services:

Event planners, theaters, and entertainment venues can promote fall-themed events, concerts, or performances and offer early bird ticket discounts. You’ll find yourself selling out faster than usual with SMS alerts about ticket sales. 

Nonprofits and Charities:

One of the best parts of the season is the way charitable hearts abound. There is never a better time to promote your nonprofit organization. Run fall fundraising campaigns to raise awareness. Not only do individuals get into the spirit of giving, by oftentimes you’ll find groups who align with your cause. Text stats about your cause and reminders of how people can help through the holiday season. And don’t hesitate to put a seasonal spin on campaigns.

By following these tips, you can create SMS campaigns that will help you reach your target audience and achieve your business goals in the fall. The key to successful fall promotions is to tie your offerings and/or services into the season in a way that resonates. It is a win for you whether this means them taking action during this active time of year, or because you are the name that is top of mind when things slow down in the new year.

Embarking on your inaugural SMS marketing campaign doesn’t need to be daunting. With the right strategies and partners like Message IQ, your messaging can be both simple and impactful. To dive deeper into how SMS marketing can bolster your business, contact us today.

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