In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare, text messaging transcends its traditional role in personal communication, emerging as a powerful tool for healthcare practices seeking to bolster patient engagement, streamline communication, and elevate the overall patient experience.

But what about bridging the gap between the personal and professional relationship a bit? SMS serves as a conduit to humanize patient interactions, fostering trust and a sense of individualized care beyond mere numerical associations with insurance policies. Leveraging SMS for healthcare communication entails a strategic approach that not only optimizes operational workflows but also enhances the human connection between healthcare providers and their patients.

1. Feedback Requests

Looking to improve your practice? Send out a quick SMS to request feedback or reviews after appointments. You’ll gain great testimonials for social media and your website and find ways to grow better relationships with your customers.

Thanks for including us in your schedule today. Care to respond to 3 survey questions so we can keep improving our care? [link]

2. Education

Transform your SMS service into an educational platform by sharing informative links on seasonal health topics or pertinent subjects tailored to specific patient needs. This not only imparts valuable knowledge but also reinforces your practice as a reliable source of health-related information.

Do you know the benefits of regular chiropractic adjustments for young athletes? We thought you might find this article interesting. [link]

3. Office News or Updates

Keep your patients in the loop about any changes in your office. Introduce new staff members. Announce new office policies or changes. Any relevant updates can be shared with your patients because you always want them to feel top of mind.

Big news at [practice name]! We’re welcoming [name] as our new front desk assistant. We’re excited to have her as a part or our wellness family and are sure you’ll find her great too.

4. Patient Birthdays or Anniversaries

You don’t think it matters until it is your special day, but those extra texts and calls always mean something when it’s you. Sending well wishes on someone’s special days can help build that rapport and increase patient loyalty.

Happy birthday, [name]! We want to help you celebrate. Show this text when you come in to earn 10% off any of the products in our wellness shop. 

5. Promotions and Discounts

Offering special promotions or discounts? Make sure your patients are in the loop by sending a quick text message. Not everyone checks social media daily and you never know how frequent people check email. But texting? That has a 98% open rate!

Don’t let your health fall by the wayside during this busy time of year! Save 15% on your appointment if you schedule by [date].

6. Health Tips

Engage your patients by sending them daily or weekly tips and pointers. This can help emphasize the importance of their health while also making your practice a reliable source of information. It also keeps your practice top of mind when needs arrives for an individual. 

Do you know the benefits of a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar every day? This simple habit has a lot of impact! Check out the benefits here. [link]

7. Event Invitations

Spread the word! If your practice is hosting any kind of event, texting is a sure way to both let people know and get RSVPs. Maybe you have a workshop, a speaker, or some sort of open house. An SMS invitation will help boost attendance.

Have you registered for the Healthy Holiday Hacks workshop on [date]? Secure your spot before it it fills up!

8. New Services or Products

Get the word out when you add new services, products, or technologies to your practice. Make sure to update your patients via SMS so they can also help spread the word.

We’re stoked! Our new salt therapy service is officially “open for service”. Do you know the benefits? Learn here and schedule with us today. [link]

9. Closure or Holiday Notifications

Inform patients about office closures or changes in operating hours during holidays through a quick text message. This could be an announcement about a planned closing, but it can also be handy for unexpected schedule changes or closings. 

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope your holiday is wonderful. We wanted to remind you that our office will be closing at noon on Wednesday. We will reopen [date]. 

10. Schedule openings

You may not like it, but cancellations happen. Help fill those holes by having a queue or patients to text with openings when they come up. This will not only keep business flowing smoothly for you, but it will make those patients pleased to get their needs met sooner rather than later.

Hey [name]! We had a cancellation for tomorrow morning and have you on our wait list. Would you like to get in sooner rather than later? Give us a call! [phone]

Building rapport with your patients is just one of the uses of SMS messaging for your practice. Check out this list of other ways you can utlize SMS in your business for things like scheduling and more. Message IQ actively helps businesses with all of this. Ready to put SMS to use for your practice? Contact us and we’ll get your questions answered. 

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