SMS is a critical part of your business strategy and it’s important to follow all the rules to ensure your messages are delivered. The FCC and carriers have strict guidelines for the types of messages that can be sent to their customers, and they block messages that don’t follow them.

Here are some key considerations for carrier SMS compliance

Consent and Opt-In: Before sending SMS messages to customers, it is crucial to obtain their consent and provide clear opt-in mechanisms. Consent should be freely given, informed, and specific to the type of SMS communication (EX: marketing or informational). Businesses should maintain records of consent to demonstrate compliance if required. Keep in mind that the consent only applies to you and does not apply to subsidiaries or other related brands or companies.

If a customer initiates contact with you, consent has been given to reply within that conversation. Separate conversations will require consent.

If you are sending messages to a recipient on an ongoing basis (EX: daily weather updates), you must include language that instructs the recipient on how to opt out as well as proactively request that your recipients reconfirm their consent periodically. 

Example Opt In Message: “[Company] would like to text you appointment updates. To consent, please reply YES.”

Example Opt Out Message: “To unsubscribe, reply STOP”

Message Content: SMS messages must comply with carrier guidelines regarding content, including avoiding offensive, misleading, or deceptive language. Additionally, messages should provide clear identification of the sender and a valid contact method for recipients to opt-out of further communications.

Frequency and Timing: Bombarding customers with excessive SMS messages can lead to dissatisfaction and unsubscribes. Businesses should establish reasonable frequency limits and avoid sending messages at inappropriate times, such as late at night or early in the morning.

Following these guidelines will help ensure your messages are delivered and provide value to your customers.

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